Our beers

 Our session bitter, SLIGHTLY FOXED at 3.8%, is blended using American hops- Amarillo, Delta and Cascade- and Maris Otter malt. Light and refreshing on the palate and pale golden in colour, Slightly Foxed gives a clean, spicy, grapefruit flavour, a light, fruity floral aroma and a clean, dry finish.




Our newest beer, HOWLIN' FOX, 3.5%, was origninally brewed for the 2012 Hebden Bridge Blues Festival and has since become one of our core products. A tribute to the classic blues performer, Howlin' Fox is exceptionally pale with hoppy notes and utilises a blend of the exciting new hop varieties from New
Zealand. Clean dry flavour and full hop aromas.


Mid range is FOX GLOVE, 4.3%, a golden coloured premium best bitter, based on English and European hops. Fox Glove has a full-bodied, fruity flavour from Challenger hops, with Maris Otter and a touch of caramalt balancing the spice and fruit aromas of German Brewers Gold and Sovereign hops.



URBAN FOX, 4.8%, is a black London Porter.  Blended from five different malts and four varities of traditional English hops- including First Gold and Golding. With layered bitter sweet malt flavours of chocolate, treacle and toffee, and hits of citrus and orange notes from the hops, this mouth filling porter is set to become a favourite winter addition to our range



BENGAL FOX at 5.2% is our “real” IPA in the best traditions of this favourite style of English brewing. A bright golden colour from Maris Otter malt, Bengal Fox is brewed using some of the fabulous New Zealand hops: the pine and citrus flavours of Green Bullet, layered with grape and vanilla flavours and aromas from Nelson Sav and Hallertau Aroma hops.



PRAIRIE FOX also at 5.2% is an occasional alternative brew to Bengal Fox, and is based on the style of American Pale Ales. Using a blend of part lager malt for extra pale colour, this brew is based on a blend of American hops- Columbus, Summitt and Cascade to give a mildly spicy, fruity and predominantly citrus palate and a dry finish. Very drinkable for it’s strength.




Following on later will be seasonal beers, starting with a lovely spicy Christmas ale.